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Commercial Property Management Services

FARRMONT REALTY GROUP, INC., AMO®, an Accredited Management Organization, was formed in 1994 with the purpose of offering a variety of quality custom leasing, brokerage, and management services to owners of income-producing real estate. From the beginning, our goal has been to serve clients who require a greater caliber of services than what’s commonly offered by most management companies.

Contact our office in Phoenix, Arizona, at (602) 222-8510 to start enjoying a higher standard of property management services.

Expansion and Growth

Our vision of providing exceptional services has been well received by property owners, evidenced by our continuing growth and expansion. Since our inception, we have expanded our client base to include office condominium and property owner association management and are currently one of the largest providers of that service in the Phoenix area. We also provide project development management services, including build-to-suit, consulting, and design review services for owners.

What Makes Us Different

The strength of our company lies in how we build the management team for each property under consideration. Our team approach ensures that whether you’re a commercial property, an office condominium association, or a development, you receive the best possible knowledge base during the management process.

At other firms, a client may not know who is assigned to them, or their level of experience and interest in the process. Because FARRMONT employs seasoned, knowledgeable professionals, we’re able to assemble a management team for you that will enhance the profitability of your property, along with meeting the goals of the owner and/or the board of directors.

As a company, we have grown carefully and slowly in order to maintain an intimate involvement with each property and its owner or board of directors. You and your property receive a level of skill and attention that’s unmatched by any firm.

To fulfill our dedication to offering a refined level of service, you enjoy a direct line of communication with our owner, Lee B. Farris CPM®, CCIM®, CMCA®. FARRMONT pledges to uphold this level of communication throughout every stage of the project.

What We Stand For

Experience: FARRMONT’S approach includes providing an extensive, detail-oriented support system that’s able to produce a consistently high level of results. Because each property is unique, it is vital for the project to be given specialized services. Contact us today in Phoenix, Arizona, at (602) 222-8510 to learn how your commercial location or office condominium association can benefit from our property management services.

Service: To us, service means working to formulate an aggressive, creative, and effective strategy for each property — whether it be commercial real estate or office condominium associations. We have the capacity to provide special development or redevelopment services, leasing, property management, accounting, construction management, or building engineering services.

Effectiveness: Effectiveness requires having the resources to properly develop, lease, and manage a property. Whether your needs lie in one location or several, we are prepared to provide rapid response. We have a proven track record of success in all aspects of development, leasing, brokerage, and property management and are prepared to apply this successful approach to your property.

Communication: We believe that communication is key to effective leasing, brokerage, or management. Having open lines of communication is essential if any leasing or management company is to be effective at achieving the goals established for the property. By communicating on a regular basis, a successful and innovative plan for the property’s leasing and management can be achieved.