Farrmont Realty Group

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Strategic Planning and Consulting

FARRMONT REALTY GROUP knows that navigating today’s complex and diverse commercial real estate environment requires expertise in many disciplines, ranging from the operational to the transactional. We recognized that meeting the objectives of property owners requires various levels of resources, as well as many skill sets to draw upon. We are proud to say that we excel in providing a variety of supporting roles for our clients. We will assemble a specific team for each assignment based on the owners’ goals and objectives, formulating an action plan and establishing a time frame for the assignment’s completion. By being part of the team, we become an integral part of every project’s success.

FARRMONT Offers the Following Consulting Services:
  • Strategic Planning
  • Financing and Acquisition
  • Due Diligence Disposition Coordination
  • Receiverships
  • Build-to-Suit